Still having questions about the SCC and the application process? Have a look at the FAQ In that section, answers are provided what regard the application process. However, if you do not find the proper answer to your question, feel free to contact us!

  • SBS-EM: any BA3 & MA1 students
  • Polytechnic School of Brussels: any BA3, MA1 & MA2 students
  • Faculty of Law of Brussels: any BA3, MA1 & MA2 students

Team composition can differ depending on the missions’ specifics and the various skilled required by the clients.

At SCC, selection criteria mainly depend on motivation. Indeed, as according to its Vision & Missions, SCC’s goal is to provide students with the opportunity to discover the consultancy worldPrevious professional experience is therefore not a must. Applying is first a question a motivation by showing serious commitment and strong will for challenge.

The application processes start after the Recruting Events and last for about one week. Application modalities are explained during the Recruting Events.

The missions provided by the SCC are challenging and create real results for clients.

First of all, the main benefit for students is that they can use their academic knowledge to solve real issues and have concrete impacts. In doing so, they discover the reality behind the professional world, acquire a rich experience and develop new skills. Besides consulting missions, SCC’s students can take part in various activities like the kick-off days and workshops, which enhance their competences as well.

Besides, the SCC is proud to rely on the support of prestigious companies (AtKearny, McKinsey, Deloitte, The House of Marketing and Altran) that are committed in helping the students during their missions. Working along with professional consultants is the best way to learn consultant standards and build a strong network.

The SCC can also organise events (related to JADE, SCC ACADEMY, SUMMER MISSIONS) beyond the Belgian borders and send its students to other countries. It is needless to say that fees are largely paid by the SCC.

Further, being member of a mission is an opportunity to work with motivated students from different background (Solvay, EPB and Law) and from different years (BA3 and MA1for Solvay, B3, MA1 and MA2 for EPB and Law).

Eventually, the SCC is a student organisation, run by students for students and organises several activities like teambuildings to allow everyone to meet together during moments away from the academic business.

The operational part of a mission lasts for 6 to 8 weeks : first semester’s projects end up around mid-December while second semester’s missions end up mid-April. The workload required for a mission mounts to 6h to 8h weekly, per team member.

Students involved in SCC projects are not paid. However, every cost related to the mission is completely supported by the SCC, e.g. transport, gsm, printing fees.

Applicants for a board position must have taken part in a consulting mission before integrating the board. The open positions inside the board are provided twice a year, in December and April respectively.