For SCC, flexibility is key; we adapt to your needs, not the opposite. The first discussion phase is crucial to define clearly your needs and our commitments. Every project is unique and each customer is different, but we pay attention to deal with every new project or people with a professional and quality approach.

SCC has developed expertise in 6 main areas: Strategy & Innovation, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Construction, High-Tech & IT and Meca-Tehnics. For you, we can operate more specifically in:


Strategy & Innovation

1. Business Plans
2. Expansion Strategies
3. Feasibility Studies

Finance & Accounting

1. Activity-Based Costing
2. Business Valuation
3. Cost-Benefit Analysis


1. Competition Analysis
2. Market Research
3. Marketing Plans
4. Pricing Strategies

High-Tech & IT

1. Algorithms Processing
2. Bioinformatics
3. Data Treatment
4. Telecom & Network


1. Aeronautics
2. Electro-Mecanics
3. Mecatronics
4. Renewable Energies
5. Transport


1. Geomaterials
2. Structures Conception
3. Water resource-related Projects