Motivated students from diverse and complementary backgrounds


SCC’s strength lies primarily on its students. Indeed thanks to their will to discover the consulting world, they use their academic background to solve real issues in an increasingly changing environment. Besides, the Club is proud to have a growing international footprint thanks to the great diversity of students who are or have been involved in its activities since 2011.

3rd year of Bachelor (BA3), 1st year (MA1) and 2nd year of Master (MA2) students from:

  • Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management (SBS-EM)
  • Polytechnic School of Brussels (EPB)
  • Faculty of Law of Brussels

Depending on the project requirements, we can also recruit from other faculties.

  • Put their knowledge into practice...
  • … and face the differences that could exist in the "real business world"
  • Take on challenging issues coming from companies...
  • … and provide an adapted solution
  • Create contact on a regular basis with professors and professional consultants
  • Get to know new students from different age and background
  • Access to workshops
  • Be part of unforgettable teambuilding experiences
  • And many more...

At the beginning of each semester (October and February), the SCC proceed to the recruitment of the student consultants with an attentive and careful selection.

  1. Recruiting process

We get in touch with our targeted students through many ways of communication:

  • Emails
  • Posters on the campus
  • Collective in-class announcements
  • Social media

These communication channels help us to invite the students to our Recruiting Event held twice a year (October and February), in which we present the SCC and its activities as well as the upcoming missions. After this event, students are invited to apply for the project of their choice.

  1. The selection process

Different elements help us to decide on who should be a part of the missions:

  • CV
  • Questionnaire to challenge the motivation of the applicant
  • Interview with members of the board

This two-step selection process helps us to select the most motivated students and create the most complementary teams fitting with the projects' requirements.