Values that matter to us and that keep us going

The SCC and its members, as soon as being a part of this experience, commit to respect some values dear to the club as a whole. These values not only enhance the cohesion between the members and their obligations but also guaranty to the SCC’s customers to receive the best possible services.


  1. Integrity

Establishing a trustworthy relationship between the two parties of a consulting mission is at the core of this business. Bearing in mind this core value of trust, the SCC require from all its members to act honestly and with integrity in all the areas and regarding all the responsibilities given by the customers.


  1. People

Our keys to success are the capability and skills of our student consultants, the complementarities of the SCC teams and the quality of the relationships established between the different stakeholders relating to the projects. To reach this goal, the SCC selects the most motivated and qualified students according to project’s requirements but also to maintain and improve the human experience for its members and its customers.


  1. Achievement

The quality of the results depends mainly on the commitment and by the efforts put in by by the student consultants. Our mission is to bring reliable and workable solutions to companies which answer a specific and identified need. More than being process-oriented, the SCC requires a result from all its projects.


  1. Drive

Students part of the SCC draw their eagerness to achieve all these goals from the passion; the passion of consulting, of achieving, of success... The club evaluates the motivation of its students and the willingness they have to learn, to enlarge their skills and to commit. The SCC is also constantly improving the capabilities of its students thanks to workshops in different fields (technical and general skills). The SCC is therefore a structure to help the students to grow, to support their desire to outdo themselves and excel.