Work hard. Play harder.

Being member of the SCC gives you the opportunity to take part to a large number of activities besides consulting missions. These make occasions for students to live the richest experience inside the SCC. Among the various activities, there are:


All year long, the SCC organizes different events to keep contacts with the students. Besides, those events are held in a cool atmosphere to allow everyone to build strong links between each other. This is really important to maintain the club’s reputation and strengthen SCC’s network.


Recruting Events are organised in October and February before the application processe starts. During those events, all the details related to the consulting missions are introduced as well as the information related to the application process. Recruiting Events are also a moment that allows the board to communicate on the various semester-related events, meet interested students and answer their questions.

Teambuildings are organised in order to bring involved students together, in a relaxed atmosphere and away from business concerns. During those moments, which can happen in a bowling, restaurant or between paintball shots, fun and humour are kings. Besides teambuilding held for the whole club, each team can organise their own teambuilding to strengthen links and cohesion inside the group.

The Closing Event occurs in May and closes the year. It is an opportunity for the board to gather the students who have been working for the SCC, the partners, the professors and the clients: during that event, yearly accomplishments are presented as well as new board members and big changes.


The SCC provides during the year several workshops that allow motivated students to develop their skills thanks to the participation of our partners. Workshops are opened to any SCC’s member who can take that opportunity to discover consulting practices shared by dedicated experts. Moreover workshops allow interaction between each participant, from consultants to students.


Kick-off days take place twice a year and occur after the selection process, when consulting teams are formed. During that day several workshops are held by our partners in order to teach the students about the different skills that are useful to the consulting missions. Kick-Off days are perfect occasions to let the students develop their network, with the consultants as well as other students.