A skillful environment to provide the best support


Interested in always improving the students’ skills and increasing the quality of its work, the SCC takes advantages of its skilful environment where student-consultants can find support whenever they need. During their missions, students can take advantage of the following resources:

The SCC is proud to rely on the support of At Keanrney, Deloitte, The House of Marketing and Altran. Depending on the missions’ specifics, consultants are involved with the students on their mission. Besides, McKinsey provides the SCC with support and trainings.


Strategy & Innovation

AT Kearney Solvay Consulting Club

Finance & Accounting

Deloitte Solvay Consulting Club


The House of Marketing Solvay Consulting Club


Altran Solvay Consulting Club


McKinsey Solvay Consulting Club

The SCC integrates ULB’s professors in the missions in order to take advantage of their expertise to strengthen recommendations.

Project managers use the experience gained on their previous mission to take the lead of a team to accomplish the mission most successfully.