"Based on the results from SCC we will be able to better assess our future decisions- Public Pharma


Founded in 2011, the SCC seeks to improve its offer and the quality of its services on a daily basis.

Thanks to motivated students and high-quality partners, the SCC can build on new knowledge acquired during every mission and continues its efforts in upgrading existing methodologies to provide a consistent and high-level approach to all its customers.

A team of very competent students carefully selected runs the SCC. This team is supported by teachers expert in their respective fields and by professional coaches.

The SCC does a detailed, practical and personalized analysis of the different projects submitted. A team of 5 to 7 students assesses the feasibility of the project’s content following clients' needs, within a workload of around 200 hours. The whole mission lasts for 10 weeks, including a period of 6 weeks of operational activities.

Prices applied by the SCC are very competitive and the SCC offers free missions for nonprofit organizations. Aware of the hard and precious work of these organizations, the SCC can help them in the realization of their social missions.

For more than 4 years now, the SCC has always met the expectations of its customers, obtaining very positive reviews. To discover the feedback we have received from our previous customers, click here.

For more information on our offer and services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.